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Academic Partners

Royal Bilingual College, Douala.
GCE centre 11399

One of the best dual language school in cameroon. The college has had outstanding results at exams organised by the G.C.E board.

COLEEDUC, Bafoussam.
Centre OBC 6539

Le Collège de l'Ethique Éducative est depuis sa création une référence pour la qualité de ses enseignants. Les résultats aux examens officiels le démontrent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is this service really free ?

YES, it’s FREE for the trial period of 30 days

Which subjects are covered ?

In the Anglophone sub-system of education, we offer all Arts, Science and Commercial subjects. In the Francophone sub-system of education, we offer all general and technical subjects.

What happens once the trial period ends ?

Check our pricing to find the formula that fits your needs.
Education should not be a luxury. The main goal is to give to the majority of students access to the ressources needed for their success.

I'm a teacher. How can I join the project ?

Contact us by sending an email to: enquiries@college.cm.
Once we receive the mail, we shall get back with details on our offer.

I have more than one child. Should I pay the full amount ?

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